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Engineered biochar for durable structural and non-structural concrete

BIPL’s engineered biochar is prepared from a wide range of biomass feedstocks, including wood waste, agricultural and food wastes, which are processed and pyrolyzed under a set of finely tuned production conditions. The engineered biochar can be used to reduce cement demand by 2 – 5% and leads to improvement in strength and durability of concrete.

Blended biochar for high-strength concrete

BIPL’s blended biochar, which is a blend of organics and inorganic materials, is designed to reduce demand for cement by 10 – 20% and develop high-strength concrete. Concrete made with blended biochar has superior workability, lower air content, lower permeability and higher strength than conventional concrete. Depending on requirement, BIPL can offer blended biochar for non-structural constructions too.

Biochar for lightweight concrete

BIPL has developed formulations for biochar enhanced lightweight cement mixes, employing lightweight additives and foaming agents. These mixes can be applied for floating structures and lightweight building members including panels, partition walls, façade and secondary roofs.

Biochar for air-filtration

BIPL's biochar based air-filtration system is easy to install and offers high efficiency for capture of particulate matters and pollutant gases. The pressure drop across BIPL’s filters are low compared to similar grades of commercial filters, which translates into energy savings. This technology ensures improvement in indoor air quality while using locally generated waste streams.


BIPL also offers technical advice on designing cementitious mixes containing biochar, lightweight concrete design and characterization methods for ensuring desired serviceability.

Engineered biochar

*Reduce demand for cement and sand by 2-8%
*Applied for structural and non-structural cementitious mixes – e.g., secondary roof, façade panels, drain channels etc.
*Enhance early strength by 20-25%
*Improve water tightness of concrete by 20-40%
*Reduce early sealed shrinkage by 30-50%

Blended engineered biochar

*Reduce demand for cement by 10-20%
*Can be applied for high strength concrete mixes
*Improvement in 28-day and 90-day strength by 15-20%
*Improvement water tightness of concrete by 40-60%
*High resistance to damage under marine exposure

Biochar enhanced lightweight concrete

*Applied for low-density (800 - 1600 kg/m3) non-structural constructions, e.g. wall panels, facades, partition walls etc.
*Improvement in 28-day compressive strength by 10-15%
*Reduction in water permeability of lightweight concrete by 10-20%

Biochar based air-filter

* Innovative fin designs and adjustable orientations to control airflow and maximize capture
*Easy installation and maintenance
* 65 – 75% efficiency in capture of PM particles
*Filter volatile organic compounds

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