About Us

Our Mission

Contribute to zero-waste future through innovations in biochar-based building products

Our Vision

* Producing high quality biochar products for application in buildings and infrastructures

* Expand leadership in biochar-based building material technology through further development of biochar based cementitious products and biochar-based filtration system

* Becoming a leading engineered biochar supplier and forge value-added partnerships across all geographies

Company Overview

Biochar Innovations Pte. Ltd (BIPL) was started in late 2019 with a focus on development and commercialization of biochar-based building materials, including biochar-mortar, biochar-concrete and biochar-based air filtration system. BIPL was founded through Graduate and Research Innovation Program (GRIP) which is the flagship incubation program of NUS Enterprise.

BIPL’s patented technology is developed by material engineers over six years of extensive research at National University of Singapore. BIPL’s team comprises of experts in the area of biochar production, post-processing, treatment and characterization methods, and design of biochar-cement and biochar-based air-filter system.

The company has received investment from NUS enterprise and Enterprise Singapore, a Singapore government agency

Application of BIPL’s Engineered Biochar

Application of BIPL’s engineered biochar

Engineered Biochar Solution

BIPL has developed an advanced biochar-based material technology that improves mechanical and durability performance of cementitious building materials under different exposure conditions. BIPL’s engineered biochar influences hydration of cementitious binder systems and accelerates gain in early strength, which can enhance the rate of construction. The developed biochar also improves impermeability of concrete and reduces depth of carbonation, reducing the risk of reinforcement corrosion and acute durability issues under harsh environmental conditions. BIPL’s engineered biochar has a wide range of applications – structural and non-structural mortar, high strength concrete, lightweight constructions and patch repair.

The Team

Dr. Souradeep Gupta

Dr. Souradeep Gupta

Dr. Souradeep Gupta is the co-founder and director of Biochar Innovations Pte. Ltd. He holds a bachelor’s degree with Hons. From National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, and master’s and PhD. from National University of Singapore. Dr. Gupta has 7 years of research experience in developing sustainable building materials, bio-based materials and different test methods needed to ensure durability performance as per local standards. He has authored 22 journal articles, 2 book chapters and presented at many international conferences on areas including biochar enhanced concrete, self-healing materials and carbon sequestration. At BIPL, he oversees product development and business development activities.

Ms. Kristina Razanskaite

Ms. Kristina Razanskaite

Ms. Kristina Razanskaite is Director and chief financial officer at Biochar Innovations Pte. Ltd. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lithuanian University of Agriculture. She has 5 years of experience as independent environmental consultant. At BIPL, she oversees accounting and manages financial aspects of the company.

Dr. Kua Harn Wei

Dr. Kua Harn Wei

Dr. Kua Harn Wei is a co-founder and technical advisor of Biochar Innovations Pte. Ltd. He is currently appointed as Associate Professor at National University of Singapore. Dr. Kua earned his doctoral degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and has received 60 local and international awards for his work on sustainable policies and building materials. He advises BIPL on research and product development activities.

Mr. Leong Siew Why

Mr. Leong Siew Why

Mr. Leong Siew Why is business advisor at Biochar Innovations Pte. Ltd. He holds bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from National University of Singapore, and MBA from University of Bradford. He has 15 years of experience in business. He has been a founder and director of P99 Pte. Ltd and Niex Pte. Ltd.


NUS Enterprise
Graduate Research and Innovation Program (GRIP) funding from NUS Enterprise for 3 years
Singapore Enterprises
Enterprise Singapore’s (ESG) Proof-of-value grant for start-up SG Tech for 2 years
Project title: Development of best-in-class Biochar-Concrete fornon-structural purposes
In discussion with Singapore agencies for product development and application of non-structural slabs made with BIPL's biochar